Wisdom Teeth Removal and the Need for Dental Implants

The best way to decide on the dental implants after the wisdom teeth removal is an analysis of the pros and cons of wisdom tooth replacement and no-replacement. Many of the cosmetic dentistry experts might have expressed the opinion against the replacement. It could be due to the complex procedures associated with the implants and the maintenance during the post-installation period.

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Probable Reasons

Injuries, Infections, damages, cyst formation, and the crowding of other teeth caused by the wisdom teeth are some of the probable causes for the wisdom teeth removal. The hole after the extraction can become a risky spot for infections and pain.

Wisdom Teeth Replacement – Filling or Implants

There are two methods of filling. It can happen naturally after a gap of a few weeks. A bone may grow within the gap after a span of three to four months. But it is applicable only for the extraction socket. But the gap after the wisdom teeth extraction will not get filled naturally.

The next method is to replace the missing wisdom teeth with dental implants. The procedure is slow and complex. Our cosmetic dentist can perform the procedures strictly in conformation to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) standards. Decades of experience in the dentistry domain we can perform the replacements effectively. The durability of the replaced wisdom teeth can be for lifetime when you follow certain specific guidelines related to oral health and hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Post-Implants Care

Brushing: You have to ensure regular brushing of the wisdom teeth. It is a good practice to use the dentist-recommended toothpaste which contains the essential healing elements. You may also have to use the recommended mouthwash for the removal of foods and other elements that may get deposited within the gaps.

Foods: The setting of implants takes time. They have to be acceptable to the host biologically and physiologically. Medications can reduce the probability of allergic reactions and pain. You have to avoid every type of food that can result in irritation, pain, stress, and deterioration of the new implants. Your dentist may recommend fruits, ice-cream, and other soft-foods. Follow the procedures accurately to make the implants successful.

Avoid:  It is a good practice to avoid hard foods, hard-drinks and beer (You may consult your dentist for the consumption of red wine, its frequency in a week, and volume per shot), and smoking. You may also want to stay away from cola and soda based beverages for at least three to four months to ensure complete healing. These elements can cause damages, pain and enhanced infection probability.

Dental Insurance – Why and How

We can assist you in getting the full-coverage for the wisdom teeth removal and dental implants from the most reputed agencies in your region. The premium you pay can cover the treatment costs (based on the agency’s terms and the coverage plan), claims after damages during the implants and other mishaps as applicable by the insurance plan and the policy exclusions.

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